Makin Mine | Bianca Varela


This month's Featured Independent Artist is Los Angeles based singer Bianca Varela.  I was sent this particular track and was very impressed within the first few seconds.  Not only does the track sound good technically (mixing, mastering, etc. (@Emanengineering)) but it's some super dope production (@kion_gozi) and I'm definitely digging her sound.  Even though the track has a strong hip-hop presence, I can tell that her vocals would also probably translate well on a slower, more soulful track as well.  There are a couple other tracks on her #Soundcloud which are also equally dope.  I'm officially a fan.  This is an artist to be on the lookout for because I can definitely see her hitting it big.  Her music could do well on both pop and more urban stations, I think all it's going to take is getting attention from the right set of ears.