I Don't Wanna Live Forever | ZAYN feat. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of those artists that I love to hate, like Neyo.  Like, it's something about them that just doesn't mesh well with my spirit, but I can't deny the hits that they spit out and I end up rocking to.  So naturally, when I saw this track, I was rolling my eyes.  I started listening and #Zayn leads it off in the sultry way that he does.  I was curious how Taylor would sound on a track like this, but I was surprised how she handled it.  She was able to embody the smooth sound that the track I assume the track was meant to give.  The song is not a bad song, but it didn't really leave a lasting impression on me.  I feel like it's one of those songs that I may have to listen to a few times before I can really decide if I'm really feeling it.  It won't go on my immediate playlist but it may be one of those that I find myself playing while sitting at my computer doing work. 

Listen below: