Neighbors | J. Cole

There were probably very few people that were not hyped for the release of J. Cole's new album 4 Your Eyez Only.  Upon first listen, it became clear that this was one of those albums that was telling a story (which we don't see much anymore) so it helps to listen to the album from beginning to end.  Like most albums, there are a few tracks that stand out to us immediately.  One of those was #Neighbors.  Of course, the production was intriguing from the jump and it was a pleasant surprise to find out that Cole was the producer on the song.  And not producer in the sense that he is 1 of 5 different producers getting credit on one song, but he is the sole individual receiving production credit on the track.  As you would expect from Cole, the lyrical content is something to look forward to, so coupled with the production, it makes for an amazing track that we'll be playing for some time. 

Listen below: