Terrified | Childish Gambino

First, let me start of by saying, Jesus the instrumentation on not just this song, but the whole entire album! This is one of my favorite tracks from the new Childish Gambino album, Awaken, My Love!  As the rest of the album does, the song gives you a 70s, psychedelic vibe.  It was interesting to hear that Childish didn't rap at all on the track or the entire album and I'm not even mad at it.   Not sure if any of his tracks would make it on mainstream hip-hop radio, but this track is definitely in heavy rotation in my house and car.  This song must be approached with an open mind, especially if you are familiar with any of Childish's prior works.  We're used to him giving us crazy metaphors, but this track does something different but it's a good kinda different.  I would highly recommend giving this album a try and if you're still hesitant, start with this track or #Redbone. 

Listen below: