By Design | Kid Cudi feat. Andre Benjamin

I know I'm not the only one that sees an Andre 3000 feature (just noticed that he may now be going by his government name since that's how it's listed on the song) and instantly gets excited.  I will never pass up a song that features the great Andre 3K and I've always dug the vibe that #Cudi gives in his music, so I was doubly excited to hear the song. The production on the song has a sort of dance vibe to it but it was something that I found myself bobbing my head to and waiting to hear more.  Just as you get to that, the beat changes and makes you think you just got off the airplane in Montego Bay.  Beat changes mid-song usually goes 1 of 2 ways, but this was done right.  I had to know who was responsible for the production on and it was a co-produced song between Cudi and none other than Pharrell.  Of course, you can expect the usual greatness from Andre and as with the remaining songs on the album, Cudi is highlighting the recent ups an downs of his life.  It's definitely worth a listen and if you're anything like me, including to your listen-to-again playlist almost solely on the strength of Andre. 

Listen below: