Party | Chris Brown feat. Gucci Mane & Usher

It's almost certain that if you there's a new Chris Brown track, you can expect an instant hit.  #Party lives up that reputation.  I mean, how do you mess up a song called Party anyway.  I'm sure it's possible but that didn't happen here.  With Chris, you're either getting a dance track, a love song or a hybrid of both.  As the name suggests, this is definitely a dance track.  With the perfect features for this, the song immediately capture me from the very beginning.  Kudos to the features as well as they both hold their own on the track and right now, who doesn't have Gucci on a song that they want to be a banger.  As I was about to write that I couldn't wait to see the video to this, I realized that it has just been released and as you would expect with Usher and Chris on a song, the choreography is in full effect.  The video also features an intro of what is presumably another track from what may be a new project coming soon and that songs also hits.  I already know this will be on the radio very soon and played a million times, so I'm going to enjoy my listens now before that happens and it gets worn out.

Listen (and watch) below: