Blah Blah Blah | Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti has not disappointed when it comes to releasing a new project the last few years and the trend continues.  #CM9 dropped this past Friday and I had the pleasure of attending the #TidalXYoGotti concert in Atlanta and witnessing the talent ini person.  Since I knew I was attending the concert, I made sure to get a few listens of the new album and as I've felt with the last few releases, I felt that collectively, the album very well put together and an all-around success.  Upon first listen, this particular track didn't immediately grab me, but in its defense, there was a lot going on in my world when I was attempting to listen so I couldn't give all of the tracks the attention that they deserved.  Gotti began performing the track at the concert and it became an instant favorite.  The production, the message and Gotti's flow make the song an all-around smash.  Hopefully the label heads and/or Gotti are pushing for this track to be released as a single because it definitely would do very well on the radio.  I could see this becoming an anthem for men everywhere (eye roll) or if nothing else, a strip club dancer favorite. 

Listen below: