We Should Be Together | Pia Mia

I can't lie.  Wasn't quite sure what to expect before pressing play, but I'm digging it.  With an obvious sample, I was intrigued within the first 3 seconds and the smooth melody helped keep my attention.  Pretty smooth production and she rides the beat quite nicely.  I can say that I've only heard #Pia once before as a feature on a Will.I.Am track maybe earlier this year.  Although that song was catchy and infectious in such a way that few but Will.I.Am can do, I don't think her musical personality really shined through that track.  If this song is any indication on what to expect from her as an artist, I'm here for more.  I could see this song going very mainstream or not.  It's one of those that could definitely go either way.  I could foresee this getting more love from less urban stations even though the vibe of the song is very urban to me.  I get more of an R&B vibe than pop, but who knows nowadays.  

Listen below: