Slow Grind | Tory Lanez feat. Jacquees

After hearing the Pretty Ricky sample, "Grind with Me," on this song, I was all in.  The song gives you the same R&B vibes that Pretty Ricky used to give us for the moment that they were hot.  The production on this track is a large part of my interest in the song and it was interesting to see that Lanez is listed a co-producer.  Lanez starts the track off with the hook and his verse, then #Jacquees comes in with the perfect vocals on a song like this.  Jacquees seems to be getting closer and closer to getting to a place where he can be a household name.  The two of them together actually make for a good combination on a track, so maybe we'll see some more collabs down the road between the two.  I can't lie, I wasn't really moved to hear this new Tory Lanez mixtape, but after hearing this song, I'm curious about the rest.  Taking a quick skim of the rest of the tape, all of the songs contain a sample from a hit R&B song which has me even more intrigued.  Pretty dope concept too.  It was always hard to tell from the radio singles what Tory Lanez's vocals were really hitting on, but I can now say this dude really does have some talent.  

Listen below: