Paris | The Chainsmokers

I've been low-key really into the releases this past year from The Chainsmokers, but this song left me feeling underwhelmed.  I can't really say it left a lasting impression with me except feeling like I wanted more halfway through the song.  I'm sure people that are avid fans of the duo are probably going to be a lot more into the song than I found myself being.  I think any impartial party could admit that it lacks what the other releases, especially the singles from their 2016 album #Collage, have given.  I think honestly it's the production that I'm struggling with.  If nothing else, you could count on a song that musically sounds good.  However, the production on this just gives a dull sound that makes me lose interesting very quickly.  Still excited to see what else 2017 will bring from The Chainsmokers as they seem to be on the right path of continuing to release music while they've got an amazing following. 

Listen below: