The Sing Along | Nick Grant feat. Ricco Barrino

I can't remember how I got put on to Nick Grant, but I wish I could thank whoever or whatever is responsible because dude is it!  The South Carolina native is reminiscent of a J. Cole and although I hate comparing one artist to the next, it just gives you an idea of what you can expect from him.  I know early last year, I stumbled upon the '88 EP that he had out but it only had a couple songs on the project so it left me wanting more that never came.  Well, today Mr. Grant dropped what I think is an actual album titled, "Return of the Cool."  I haven't had the opportunity to completely go through the whole album but the bits and pieces I've heard has made me anxious to dive into the album with the time and attention that these type of artists and albums require.  This particular track features Ricco Barrino, who has been a favorite of mine since his time with the Grand Hustle squad.  The song seems to be a jab at the vast majority of music that we hear getting the major spins.  It's always refreshing to hear someone going against the typical grain of music and even though he may never get the credit that he deserves, I'm sure he'll soon have a hard core fan base if that hasn't yet occurred. 

Listen below: