Stranglehold | Kevin Garrett

This dude is the definition of "don't judge a book by its cover."  He's like the contestant that producers on The Voice dream of.  Literally 2 seconds into his vocal performance, I was taken aback.  I knew what he looked like but had not yet heard the song.  As I am admiring the sound of his voice, I read that he is responsible for co-producing and co-writing, "Pray You Catch Me" from the legendary project, Lemonade.  Such a beautiful voice and song.  Seriously making it a mission to go back to give his debut release, the EP Mellow Drama.  If every single song sounded like this, I wouldn't even be mad.  It's crazy when you think about how much talent there is out here.  This dude has gotten little to no recognition but is obviously so dope.  Hell, the fact that the Queen is up on game should let you know that he's the real deal.  Since he's only had an EP release, I would imagine that an album may be the next step for this young, new artist.  Either way, I'm about to get caught all the way up and I would recommend you do the same.

Listen below: