40 Acres | T.I. feat. B. Rossi & Killer Mike

As soon as I pressed play, I had to look up who is responsible for the production of this song.  Although not necessarily notable to me, shoutout to Deputy and Pierre Medor, the responsible parties behind this insane beat.  B. Rossi aka Brandon Rossi starts the track off and this Roc Nation signee definitely holds his own as the lead off.  As suggested by the title, this track is thought-provoking as is the rest of T.I.'s new socially conscious project Us or Else, but also provides that certain feel that I look for in a hip-hop track, good production with lyrics to match.  I must say, Killer Mike gets the MVP of this song.  The way he comes in on the track coupled with the style of his flow, he came on this song meaning business.  As I've stated before, this is what we an expect from Killer Mike now and I'm here for it all.  The Us or Else project was initially released this summer but only contained about 5 tracks and didn't leave an impact on me the way that he does now.  This song previously featured an artist name RaRa in place of Killer Mike so I don't know who decided to make that change, but that individual needs a raise, no shade to RaRa.  This song along with the rest of the project left me pleasantly surprised which is not a sentiment that I've felt in a while from a #TIP release.  

Listen below: