Both | Gucci Mane feat. Drake

Finally got a chance to listen to The Return of East Atlanta Santa and as with all the releases since #Gucci's release, I've felt that the album didn't live up to all of the anticipation and hype.  With this being his third release since being released probably 6 months or less ago, the hype has died down a little bit, but you can't tell a die-hard Gucci fan that though.  Of course, because of #Drake's power as a feature, I was interested to hear the collaboration because we haven't heard one from the two in while.  After listening a couple times, I can still only recall Drake's portion of the song and more so the hook than anything else.  Drake is still able to create a catchy and quotable hook, so this track will surely make all sorts of radio spins.  The track has been added to my fave along with another track from the #EastAtlantaSanta, but as a whole, I felt the same feeling that I've felt with the #Woptober release.  Gucci needs to just focus on doing shows and wait a minute before releasing anymore projects.  Overexposure is definitely a thing and he's approaching those lines real fast.  

Listen below: