Feel Me | Tyga feat. Kanye West

Now, I must admit that seeing any #Tyga track, I have preconceived notions, but I was preparing myself to hate-like this track since he had Kanye featured on it.  Production is pretty dope, but the track as a whole didn't really do much for me.  Even #Kanye's verse...the flow was the standard Kanye flow that we're used to hearing lately but even Kanye in my mind is getting side-eyes so I found myself doing a few eye rolls during his verse as well.  It's just hard to take Tyga serious listening to these lines, especially knowing what we know through blogs about his financial status as it relates to his car lease/purchases.  "Usher Raymond chain, it's too Chill(y)"  I think that line was supposed to be the highlight of the song, but it just sounds cheesy.  I'm proud to say that I even gave the song one try...in fact, just to be sure I felt the same way about the track, I gave it two tries.  Yep, felt the same.  This song will surely gain popularity after #Kylie plays it on her snap a few times and gets her fan all into it, but I personally will be skipping though those snaps.

Listen below: