Throw Myself a Party | Cashmere Cat feat. 2 Chainz, Starrah & Tory Lanez

2 Chainz was the main reason I pressed play and once the beat dropped on the track, I was glad I did.  Had no clue who Cashmere Cat was prior to this, but thanks to Wiki, I learned that he is a DJ from Norway that has extensive production resume, notably on one of my favorite songs (Way Back from Travis Scott's BITTSBM) and several tracks from the Weekend's new album, Starboy.  The set up of the song is pretty standard for what we see lately with DJ's, a compilation album that they put together, so we don't actually here Cashmere Cat providing any distinctive vocals on the song, at least as far as I can tell.  2 Chainz's verse lives up to expectations and can I just mention briefly how much he has been going in lately, from the music releases to the marketing of his entire brand.  The hook of the song as well as the second verse is covered by #Starrah, yet another person I had to google.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she has served mainly as a writer and to many top hits, including Rihanna's summer smash Needed Me.  So let's just say, I'm now into this chick.  Tory Lanez plays closer and provides a decent finish to cap off a decent enough song.  I would definitely be giving this song more spins and going to be keeping an ear out for the compilation that will likely be coming soon from Cashmere Cat. 

Listen below: