Agenda | Justine Skye

The Brooklyn songstress released a new EP last week titled "8 Ounces" and I knew this was going to be an album that I would need to take a moment to actually see what it had to offer.  Let me start by saying, If you are a fan of The-Dream, you will likely enjoy listening to this project.  #Dream linked up with this long-time musical partner, Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and the duo is responsible for production on EVERY LAST TRACK.  Not only production but writing as well! So again, Dream fans, you better get into this! It's basically like having a dope Dream album with better shade.  I knew I had recently seen Dream and Justine in photo shoots together and I assumed the new music they were working was a track or two, not an entire album.  Her style meshes very well with the production style of Dream and Tricky and makes for entire project worthy of multiple playbacks.  The whole project only contains one feature from #Wale and their collab also is worth checking out.  The track #Agenda instantly stuck out to me and has already been added to my favorites.  The message she delivers is something I could hear lots of females rocking with.  That, along with a beat that I could swear I've heard on a Dream album, makes for a smooth ride.  The album is one of those that you could just press play and clean up your house to.   Start with Agenda.

Listen below: