Meek n Nicki | Trinidad James feat. Scotty ATL & Bankroll Fresh

I'm always inclined to give Trinidad James a chance because his first project was pretty solid even though All Gold Everything was the only track that really exploded.  I also enjoyed the mixtape he followed the album with, 10 PC Mild, so I usually try to keep an open ear when it comes to T James.  Given what's all over every gossip blog this morning, I thought it was fitting to start of my listening session of his new mixtape, The Wake Up 2, with this track initially for the title, then because of the features.  I predict Scotty ATL will begin to get more mainstream recognition in 2017 because plenty of artist ride with him as he's been featured on many tracks by some of the biggest names in rap.  Every time I hear #Bankroll on a track, there's a sense of sadness since he was taken right before it was all about to really happen for him. Even listening to this track, his verse wins the MVP from me and even though I normally hate listening to posthumous projects from artists, I am anticipating the release of a Bankroll album that was reportedly to be dropping sometime this year.  Now, this track initially had me giving the side-eye and almost got skipped after the first few seconds of the hook but once the verses started, I was a little more in.  The hook just really throws me off, and it's more so the delivery where it sounds like he's yelling at me. Can't say that I will be saving this track to my faves but it's worth pressing play a few more times and mainly because of the features. 

Listen below: