Undercover | Kehlani

Ok, my obsession with her is growing with every song release.  As she gears up for the release of her new album, Sweet Sexy Savage, Kehlani has released a few tracks that are hopefully previews of what we can expect from the new project.  In true Kehlani style, the track offers sort of a love song, without the typical feel of a long song, over a dance beat.  I love how she talks about being in love or feeling somebody in the way that she does, she finds a way to make it sound so less corny than we're often used to hearing.  I'm really excited about this upcoming album and hope to see her live this year.  Although I'm not as in love with this song as I (still) am #Crzy, this deserves to be an addition in my favorites or one of my frequently played playlists.  Based on the music festival announcements released this week, Kehlani seems to be garnering some well-deserved publicity, and this time, for all the right reasons.  She will be playing at both #Coachella and Governor's Ball as well as going on a world tour for 2017.  The album is slated to drop on January 27th, so this release just confirms that the album will be something to look forward to.

Listen below: