Shape of You | Ed Sheeran

This song sounds like Ed Sheeran went to Jamaica, found him an Island girl, came back and went into the studio immediately...and I like it!  Shape of You is one of two singles released by Sheeran this past Friday from his forthcoming album, Divide.  Between the two singles, this one wins my vote for favorite.  The other single, Castle on the Hill, has a sound that we're more used to hearing from the English singer-songwriter but for some reason this track resonates more with me.  The track, like most of what we hear from him, is about the admiration he has for a girl but the production takes it to a place that is out of the typical Ed Sheeran zone.  Apparently, the track was originally meant with Rihanna in mind but he decided to keep the song himself, which explains the whole sound of the song.  I can almost predict that this song will be making major waves on radio and if and when a video is released, on music video channels (yes, those still exists, see Fuse).  There hasn't been an exact release date of the new album, but I will be on the lookout to see what else it has to offer. 

Listen below: