Drugs | August Alsina

As I went to play this track, I was trying to recall the last time August Alsina released music that was in rotation.  I feel like it's been a couple years, but however long it's been, he hasn't missed a beat with the release of this song, #Drugs.  Apparently on #Twitter, he announced that the song isn't tied to any particular album or project, but just a "warm up."  This is kind of a smart tactic to get people interested in you releasing new music, but he's going to have to quickly follow this track up with more hot music in order to keep people interested.  People's attention span is so short these days, especially when it comes to music.  The production on the track is what you would expect from him, which is a good thing.  It's giving you a smooth R&B sound with just enough bass to keep you interested in the song the whole way through.  Since the track isn't tied to any particular body of work, I'm not sure if Alsina and his people are going to be pushing this track for spins or radio/TV but I'm definitely adding this to my nightcap playlist.  

Listen below: