Thinkin' Bout You | Dua Lipa

One thing I love about the trend of streaming websites, is that it exposes you to so much more music that you otherwise would have probably never discovered.  The song literally began randomly playing because the song I was listening to ended.  It didn't take long for me to be sold on this track, and even the artist herself.  Of course, I had to do my research because I had never heard of the artist, and I discovered that she's a young singer-songwriter from London.  The song is the initial release from her first studio album that is scheduled to drop next month on February 10th.  The chick definitely has some soul and this is one of those songs that I appreciate because of how it sounds vocally.  You can tell that she is a real singer and I'm interested in hearing a more ballad-like track from her.  This song has one of those catchy hooks that you find yourself reciting after the first listen.  Glad I stumbled upon this track and I'm looking forward to discovering more of what she has to offer.

Listen below: