Playboy Sh*t | blackbear x Lil Aaron


I recently discovered this artist as I had the video channel playing one morning.  His song "do re mi" came out and the production immediately caught my attention.  I continued to listen to the song, which features Gucci Mane, and found that I actually really liked the track.  I had never heard of #blackbear before discovering the song but I figured to have a Gucci feature, he must be somebody.  His writing credit is pretty impressive including Justin Beiber's song "Boyfriend."  This new track appeared this week and even with the different sound than the "do re mi" track, I find that I also like this song.  The title was well captured by the production of the song.  It just has a cool feel to it and the hook is catchy so with some editing that hopefully doesn't ruin the song, it could possibly be a good track to add in radio/video rotation.  Not sure if I like the song enough to add it to my faves, but it's cool and it'll definitely have me listening out for more music from blackbear.