Dear Hate | Maren Morris x Vince Gill


I've gone on record before stating how much I like Maren Morris and her music so I will always give music from her a listen.  It was interesting, though not surprising, to see her teamed up with a country legend for this new song.  I knew by the title alone that this was going to be some sort of tribute or message regarding recent current events, specifically the Las Vegas shooting.  That theory was confirmed within the first few seconds of her singing.   It is a nice song but it's definitely one that is certain to pull on your heartstrings.  I don't think this song is tied to any particular project of hers so I'm curious to see if proceeds of this will be donated to some sort of charity or victims of the recent mass shooting.  If you are looking to forget about the evils in the world, this probably isn't the song for you, but she leaves you with a little hope feeling like maybe love will in fact conquer all.