Make A Toast | Belly


Belly has recently been on my radar after I discovered some tracks off his Insomnia mixtape.  Ever since then, I've kept my ears open for new music from him because I was certainly intrigued and pleasantly surprised.  Before actually hearing music from him, I know I had seen him via other celebs IG pages, but I kinda just wrote him off.  Although #Belly had been releasing some new music lately, I wasn't quite sure what project, if any, those belonged to.  This past Friday, I got answers as he released a new mixtape Mumble Rap.  If you're thinking the title of the mixtape is an indication of what you're going to get, you're wrong.  This particular song is a nice sample of what you can expect from the project as well as Belly as an artist.  Actual lyrics over dope production that gives you real hip-hop vibes.  The whole mixtape is actually something to pay attention to and even though I'm not sure if his mainstream appeal will increase with this release, he's definitely sure to make more unsuspecting fans. P.S. He just did a dope interview on the Rap Radar podcast on #Tidal that's also worth checking out.