Lemon | N.E.R.D. x Rihanna


Am I the only person that didn't know N.E.R.D. was still a thing?  Well, the duo comprised of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, is officially back.  Since they haven't released any music since 2010, this drop today came as a complete surprise, but if you're going to jump back in the game, what better way to do than with a feature from one of the baddest.  When the track started playing, I wasn't quite sure how to feel about the production.  I mean, the intresting choice of sounds are along the lines of what N.E.R.D. used to give us, but it just felt a little cheesy to me.  But after about a minute, the track slows down and gets a little more funky for a rap verse/contribution from Rihanna.  Aside from that initial minute, I'm feeling the track and Rihanna sounded dope on the track.  I could see this track doing very well and the pairing seems  to be perfect for a radio/club hit. They simultaneously dropped a video for the song, so you can check that out below.