Walk On Water | Eminem x Beyonce


For purposes of full disclosure, I must begin by saying that I've never been a big fan of Eminem, and I had just gotten super into music during his rise to fame.  I always had a skepticism for white rappers. but I always end up recognizing that good music is good music, period.  So, I acknowledge that #Eminem has always had a talent for putting words together, but his music just always felt like he was a caricature version of himself.  When this song dropped yesterday, I told myself I would listen with an open mind, especially since he's got the Queen on here, who sounds beautiful on the track by the way.  But, on my initial listen, I couldn't even get through the entire song...I think I lasted about a minute and some change.  Now as I listen to the entire track, I'm still bored with the song.  Not to mention, it's 5 minutes long.  I mean of course, he's really rapping, but the delivery is just boring and doesn't do much of anything for me.  It's funny, the last 5 seconds of the track sounds like a leadoff for another song and I'm more intrigued to hear the rest of that.  Em has been resurfacing later so I'm sure there's an album on the way, so that should hopefully mean more singles to come.