Once Upon a Time | The Diplomats


It has been some years since we've heard new music from the The Diplomats aka Dipset.  This newly released track only features Cam'ron and Jim Jones, so I'm not sure if that whom the group will be comprised of going forward.  I don't recall hearing about any beef between Juelz Santana and these two so maybe Juelz just elected to continue his solo thing.  Well, the production on the track was dope and a large part of the appeal for me.  It definitely gives you the up north, New York in the winter vibe.  Both members hold their own on the track and although I can't say that I had lots of Diplomats songs in my own personal catalog, this track is worth getting into and running back.  There's no indication if this is an official single for a project, but Killa Cam just released his own mixtape this past Friday if you need to get more.