The Beautiful & Damned | G-Eazy x Zoe Nash


I swear since his arrival in the game, I've been trying to find reasons to not like G-Eazy, but don't think that's going to happen because he just keeps delivering.  I keep wanting him to be Macklemore for some reason, but he's constantly avoiding that whole corny vibe.  I think him being from Oakland has a large part to do with it.  With the recent release of "No Limit," and that song doing so well, it was smart of him to come right back with another track that has a different feel than the "No Limit" track.  I'm here for this song and I feel like this is the lane he mostly rides in.  Even though this also works, I think he should stick to the sound like in "No Limit."  The production on this is dope and the feature vocals are also a good match.  I'm not sure if I like this track enough to save as a fave, but I'll definitely be listening again.