1000 | N.E.R.D. x Future


N.E.R.D. is not playing with this comeback as they release their second single this month from their upcoming album No One Ever Really Dies (which is also what N.E.R.D. stands for in case you've been wondering all these years).  This track is giving me similar type vibes that I felt with the release of "Lemon."  The production feels like it's doing a lot in the beginning, but as Future begins his part of the song, the beat switches up and becomes less EDM/House-ish and more hip-hop and that was more tolerable.  Unlike the "Lemon" track, Future's contribution wasn't enough to overlook the rest of the track for me.  Looking at the track listing for the album which is due out in about 2 weeks, there are some interesting features and potential for a dope ass album, so hopefully some of the production is a little more toned down on some of those songs.