Wake Me Up | Remy Ma x Lil Kim


It's funny, I have been trying to find a break to write a post about Lil Kim's new song "Took Us A Break" I heard this morning but before I could get the opportunity, this new collab with Remy drops.  In short, I was not feeling the Kim track...it was way too much autotune and not enough bars that I feel like Kim is capable of providing.  So, on to this track.  When the track begins, it immediately sounds familiar as it samples Kim's song "Queen Bitch."  It was definitely a heavy sampling, but it was done in a dope way by the infamous duo, Cool and Dre, along with others.  If you're familiar with Remy's rap style, she stays true to it and is giving mean punchlines and straight up bars.  Of course, when you hear Remy's verses, your mind will automatically go to the thought of a Nicki diss, but I think both of them have tried to dispel that.  I didn't hear any verses from Kim and I couldn't really tell if that was even her on the hook so I'm not sure how much of a collab this is.  She's also not pictured on the album art so I'm guessing Remy added her for shock value and out of respect for her...and of course to just piss Nicki off.  Overall, it's a dope track and I think it's enough to be a single in the sense that I can hear it on the radio and out and about.