Perfect Duet | Ed Sheeran x Beyonce


My first thought when I saw this track released late yesterday afternoon was, I wonder if we're not going to be getting any new Beyonce music anytime soon and that's why she's holding us over with these features.  I feel like we're getting a lot of more features than norm with Beyonce and they're all like back-to-back.  This track is a remix of Ed's song "Perfect" from his ÷ (Divide) album.  I did listen to the album when it was released and I remember feeling like I liked most of the album, but I don't recall this particular song.  I could believe that it probably didn't stick out much to me because that's the same feeling I'm getting now but I feel like a little more into it because of Beyonce.  It is a beautiful song and per usual, Beyonce sounds angelic.  I feel like if I give it a few more listens, then I may just be hooked.