Burden Down | Jennifer Hudson



I feel like it's been a minute since I've heard new music from Jennifer Hudson, but upon further research, she actually had a song ("Remember Me") out earlier this year.  I don't recall even hearing a snippet of that song, but I'm never really on the lookout for #JHud so that's not really surprising to me.  Well, she's definitely back with this new track that is simply her vocals and a piano, a true ballad.  Given the things going on in her personal life, the song certainly sounds revealing and heartfelt.  For those that don't like J. Hud for what they would likely describe as screaming, this may not be the track for you, especially towards to the end.  It's a nice song, but I didn't feel like I was in love with it immediately.  However, it does feel like one of those songs that after a few more listens, I could be totally into.  There's no information on if this is an official single for a particular project, but since she dropped the song simultaneously with a video, I would guess that it is.