Don't Don't Do It! | N.E.R.D. x Kendrick Lamar x [Frank Ocean]



I promise I wasn't trying to review every single that N.E.R.D. dropped but I've been so intrigued by the track listing and the features that I couldn't pass it up when I saw they released this track with Kendrick.  The production is definitely a lot more mellow than the other two singles released ("Lemon" and "1000").  It's giving me a rollerskating in the 70s vibe but as with the other singles, the production switches gears a little bit mid-track.  Pharrell's part of the song had me wondering, when the hell are we going to hear from Kendrick?!  Kendrick finally comes in about 3 minutes in and hits the track at full speed.  Frank Ocean is also on the song and gets writing and performer credit in the track info, but he isn't listed as a feature in the track title.  Weird.  After the initial listen, not really sure how I feel about the song which is how I felt about the other singles...well, Lemon I was all in, but mainly for Rihanna's part. I think the hype of the collaboration had me expecting something a bit more, but we'll see if it grows on me after a couple more listens.