Grab The Wheel | Timbaland x 6lack



It's been way too long since we've heard some production by Timbaland.  He recently revealed his past struggles with substance abuse so it's good to see he made it out of that that and is back to the business of music, which he does so well.  I noticed this single today and immediately was intrigued because it features the Atlanta singer, 6lack ("Black").  If you've never come across 6lack's debut album Free 6lack, it's definitely work checking out.  He's actually nominated for two Grammy's from that project if you needed more convincing.  The production on the track shows that Timbo hasn't lost a beat and accurately captures the sound that fits 6lack's vibe.  The song is cool, but no indication of what the song belongs to.  I would guess that he's gearing up for a compilation album, which I would look forward to hearing because Timbaland has never been short of hits during his career.