I Gotta Keep Winning | Plies x Dae Dae



Now, I am all here for Plies and these IG videos but I can't say the same for his music.  Although I acknowledge the hits that he's had, I feel like his internet presence has kind of surpassed the actual music.  This past Friday he released his latest mixtape, Ain't No Mixtape Bih 3.  This being the 3rd edition indicates that he's been on a role with these mixtape releases recently, but I can't say that I've really heard any of them.  I decided to give this tape a listen and started off with this song, that actually isn't bad.  The production on the track is noteworthy and kept me listening to the track.  As Plies comes in with the verses, I can't help but think of his IG videos as he's rapping and I find myself giggling.  A lot of his punchlines remind me of things that he would say in his infamous IG PSA's.  Not sure if this song is worth saving to my faves, but I could possibly come back to it.