Stir Fry | Migos



I feel like I talk about the Migos way too much, but they're kind of hard to avoid.  I must say, I didn't really plan on covering the song, but after I heard it, I had to.  These young cats are on a roll.  Over a #Pharrell produced beat, the Migos show that they can be outside of the box that they've understandably been put in as far as their sound goes.  Per usual, #Quavo takes the hook as the track grooves for the entire 3 minutes and 12 seconds.  Each Migo handles the up tempo production pretty damn well and show that they don't plan on letting up or going anywhere anytime soon.  This song is going to be a banger in a social setting and I have a feeling I'm going to be tired of it in about a month so I'm gonna get my listens in now.  Culture 2 is coming soon so I would assume this song belongs there, which makes me anticipate how this album is going to sound even more.  P.S. I'm waiting on someone to be mad about the title/cover art.