Like Us | Ayo & Teo



You probably wouldn't recognize the names of this rap duo, but if I mentioned the song that every middle and high schooler was dancing to over the summer, "Rolex," you'd likely be more familiar.  The brothers are back with new music trying to show that they won't be just a one hit wonder.  This song immediately caught my attention from the production within the first few seconds.  It also reminded me of a Kevin Gates song that I reviewed that dropped right after he got banged up.  That song never really caught on so this slight copy of a copy should be no harm, no foul.  Surprisingly, this song is actually kind of riding and I learned that Jazzy Pha shares some responsibility for this dope ass beat.  I could potentially see this song doing well but they would just have to hope that those fans that made "Rolex" a smash are still on board with this one.