Dream Killa | Xscape


With the recent "reunion" and promo from the reality show and their welcome back tour, Xscape is capitalizing on the buzz by releasing new music after a long absence.  It was recently said that the group would be making new music and it would be without the 4th member, Kandi.  I know many people were probably like me in feeling like they don't necessarily want to hear Xscape music without the foursome.  However, after listening to this single, I'm thinking they may be able to pull it off without her.  Of the two singles released this weekend, this one is the better of the two (listen to the other, "Wifed Up" here).  The other one just sounds a little cheesy, but I could see this particular track doing well.  It sounds like LaTocha and Tiny took the leads with the verses and with this song, it doesn't sound like they're missing a beat without Kandi.  It'll be interesting to see if their fan base will receive any of this new music from the group as a trio.