Back It Up | Roy Woods x PARTYNEXTDOOR


If you are Canadian and a singer, chances are, you are signed to #OVO and that theory proves to be true with both artist on this track.  Roy Woods is probably the lesser known of the two, but he recently released his first album Say Less this past Friday.  The production on this track is a good indication of the vibe that you can get from him and most of the tracks on the album.  I would say the production is also the highlight of the song for me.  With both Canadian singers on the track, I'm not sure I can quite tell who is who, even though I'm pretty familiar with #PND, the styles are just so similar that I can't totally decipher when it's Roy and when it's PND.  The song is just okay to feels like more of a song that should be playing in the background of a serious smoke session, which is what I get from a lot of these OVO signees.