Rap Rushmore | Mase x Diddy x DJ Khaled



I know I never addressed the Cam'ron vs. Mase beef that happened a couple weeks ago, but I was so confused by it that I wasn't sure how to process it.  Well, Mase is using the reacquired attention to relaunch his rap career and this is the first track since the Cam'ron diss track "The Oracle."  The production on the track is not really appeasing to my ears and I kept listening feeling like it was reminding of a song that I couldn't think of.  Rapping has never really been a problem for Mase so you can expect that he's spitting some bars on the track.  Although the title states that the song features Diddy & Khaled, both are providing what they do best, only ad libs & inspirational lines.  I never got the memo that Mase was no longer a Pastor (and still haven't), but I think it's evident by the content of both of these comeback tracks.  I'm not sure if I'm here for a Mase comeback, but we'll see what more he comes out with as we get ready to close out the fourth quarter of the year.