Yeah Yeah | Travis Scott feat. Young Thug

Since Travis Scott's last project, Birds in the Trap Sing Brian McKnight, unexpectedly ended up being in constant rotation on my #Tidal, I've been more into Travis Scott than I ever thought I would be.  So when I saw this track featuring one of my ratchet music faves, Young Thug, I was excited.  Production is cool and how the song begins definitely had me hype about where the track was going to go, but I finished listening to the song wanting more.  A little too much auto tune on #Thugga's voice for my liking, but I guess overall the track is decent.  I wasn't really a fan of Pick Up the Phone, but that ended up becoming a radio hit, so there's no telling what this track will do.  I'm more excited to know there's more Travis music coming so I'll keep looking out as more songs will likely be released. 

Listen below:

Yeah Yeah