Shining | DJ Khaled feat. Beyonce & Jay-Z

As soon as the #Grammys ended last night, DJ Khaled released this new track featuring the Queen herself and her hubby.  Immediately, I felt like the track had a groovy feel to it and even though it's kind of a different sound for Beyonce compared to the last few releases, I'm digging it.  It's such a feel good song and the message in the song goes right along with that feeling.  Jay-Z makes it real clear in his verse that he's excited about the new bundles of joy the couple have coming.  This song will undoubtedly be all over the airwaves soon, and even though I feel like those that stan for a Beyonce song that calls for heavy choreography, I think the track will eventually grown on those people.  Side note: The album artwork of Khaled's son in this tuxedo is hilarious.

Listen below: