No Frauds | Nicki Minaj feat. Drake & Lil Wayne

After approximately two whole weeks of silence (the IG fashion posts don't count), we finally get what we can consider a response from Onika.  Actually, can we really consider this a response?  When somebody spends 7 minutes going in on you with specifics after specifics, is it classified a response when you only come back at them with about a minute of metaphoric jabs? That debate I'm sure will likely continue on through the weekend, but I actually like the song as a song as opposed to a diss record.  The smart thing that Nicki did do was release 3 singles, all of which will likely be top songs on iTunes, and featuring the #YM heavy-hitters on the track to ensure that the buzz will likely be longer-lasting than #SHEther.  

Listen below:

No Frauds