Chanel | Frank Ocean

Ok, I must first start this off saying I didn't hear one song off of Frank Ocean's last album, Blonde.  Wouldn't be able to name one, single track.  I actually liked Frank after the Channel Orange album, but I think that long 4 year break he took off made my interest in him fizzle.  That's why I always say if an artist reaches a point where he/she/they have a solid buzz, you have to keep releasing music to keep the buzz going.  Our society as a whole has a short attention span and taking those hiatuses makes people lose interest.  This new track was released this past Friday and it's not on the Blonde album so not really sure what release this song will be connected to.  I liked the song better after my second listen but it's still not really doing much for me.  Literally as I was thinking that maybe there should be a rap feature on the album, I googled and discovered he also released a remix with A$AP Rocky.  Maybe I'll give that one a try, or maybe not. *shrugs*

Listen below: