Waterfall | Stargate feat. P!nk & Sia

So this is one of those songs where a DJ/producer is credited as the artist but doesn't actually say a word on the song (see DJ Khaled, Mike Will, etc.)  Upon my research, I discovered that #Stargate, a Norwegian production team, has an amazing catalog of hits, with so many of them being favorites of mine.  Just google them and be amazed.  Having P!nk and Sia on a song is actually a pretty amazing collaboration that I would have never thought of had I not seen it.  The song instantly caught me and with the electronic-pop sound, I could see this song doing very well here and abroad.  I almost forgot how good #P!nk's voice was.  Given the performances that these 2 ladies are known for putting on, I would love to see a live and/or visual version of the song.  The theatrics, I'm sure, would be unmatched. 

Listen below: