Flame | Tinashe

Tinashe is one of those artists that I initially thought was going to just have that one hit, 2 On, but I ended up hearing a few more tracks from her debut album that were also just as good.  This track has more of an old-school pop feel, which is definitely a different sound than the upbeat songs that I like by her.  This song doesn't really capture my attention but I think it could do very well among different genres of radio/video.  I think she's probably more at her best with a more upbeat, fast-paced, dance track.  Judging by the cover art for the single and the recently posted shoot she did with A$AP Rocky, it looks like they may be going for a more sexy, sultry #Tinashe this go 'round.  There have been rumors swirling that a new album may be dropping soon so hopefully, if it's true, there'll be more of those dance songs on the album.  

Listen below: