Idols Become Rivals | Rick Ross

With the release of the new Ross album today, the internet is buzzing about this particular track where Ross calls out Cash Money's #Birdman for the entire 5 minutes and 41 seconds.  Ross doesn't hold back or leave his disdain for Birdman to the imagination.  It's definitely no secret the reputation that Birdman has of not paying artists, producers and just being an all around shady individual.  However, there's something about hearing him being called out this way that has me like "uh oh, this may not end well."  I'm sure Birdman will respond in some sort of way, but I highly doubt it'll be on a song.  Anyway, the new album is a solid album but I can't help but feel like all of Ross's music sounds alike. He literally makes 2 types of songs.  It's starting to feel like if you've heard one Ross album, you've heard them all.  Although there are a couple songs that I could save to my favorites, I can't really see myself doubling back to this album. 

Listen below:

Idols Become Rivals