Hasselhoff | Mike Will Made It feat. Lil Yachty

Mike Will is gearing up to release his latest project Ransom 2, and unlike the prequel Ransom that was released in 2014, the sequel will be a studio album instead of a mixtape.  This particular track is the third single release with the first one, Gucci On My, being my favorite of the three.  This particular track should have been left in the archives.  I was already skeptical listening because I just really can't with Lil Yachty.  Despite giving him a chance, I was disappointed in the entire 2 minutes and 10 seconds.  There really wasn't one redeeming thing about the song.  I really don't understand why this song was chosen as a release because this track doesn't make me want to hear more.  Again, since the first released single was more up my alley, I will still be anticipating the release of the album and looking at the track listing, my anticipation is warranted. 

Listen below: