Coming Home | Bone Thugs feat. Stephen Marley

I need to know who didn't tell me that Bone Thugs was about to be releasing new music?!? Although this 2017 Bone Thugs is only comprised of Bizzy Bone and Krazy Bone, I'm not mad because those were my two favorites and always my two favorite verses of mostly all Bone's songs (give or take a few Layzie Bone favs).  Then, they put a #Marley on the song!  I actually like the song and I was convinced as soon as Bizzy started rapping.  It doesn't even sound like they have been gone for a couple decades.  Can't wait to hear what else the new duo has in store. Side note: the cover art is pretty dope even those I'm NOT an LBJ/Cavs fan.

Listen below:

Coming Home